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's filed a civil suit. >> reporter: from a legal standpoint robson may have an uphill battle. >> look at the timing of this. it comes right after katherine jackson's trial against aeg has begun. almost at the four-year anniversary of michael jackson's death. if he wanted to clear his conscious about a lie he's been carrying around why didn't he come out sometime in the last four years? >> reporter: there are tens of pls of dollars at stake for the jackson estate if aeg is found liable. >> to me, this is another person in a long line of profiteers trying to trade off michael jackson's reputation and wealth to feather their own nest. >> reporter: though robson has spoken about his allegations that jackson abused him we may not learn the details since they were sealed by the probate court in los angeles where his lawyer filed the claim. >> thanks, stephanie. >>> we have new information about cleveland kidnapping and rape sus is expect ariel castro. it seems he loves dogs. we heard about castro's chihuahua found in the car the night he was arrested. two other dogs which are terrier poodle
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1